Hanjer wastes very little of your waste

Hanjer Biotech uses green technology to recycle Mixed Solid Waste into valuable green products. These high quality end products are suitable for commercial and industrial use, thus extending the value chain of Hanjer’s environment friendly processes and initiatives. + more


  • Bio-organic Fertilizer
  • Residual Sand
  • Green Fuel
  • Recycled Plastic

Save with Hanjer

Hanjer’s decade long experience in multiple locations across India has perfected the process and technology that can be implemented successfully anywhere in the world. + more

Green Power from Green Fuel

Hanjer is building a 15 MW RDF based power plant in Galla village, Surat district of Gujarat state in India. It will halve Hanjer’s current processed output. + more

Hanjer Corporate Visions

Hanjer’s is a India based corporate with global visions that chart out the path to integrate better with the policy makers and the beneficiary community. + more